About Faculty

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering offers students to continue their educations in a friendly-scientific environment. Relying on our scientific members, industrial partners, and laboratories, the faculty honorably welcomes new students from foreign countries.

The faculty is now responsible for the research and educational program of more than 700 students, including more than 200 postgraduates in both MSc. and Ph.D. programs. The orientations of Solid Mechanics, Fluid Flow and Heat, Manufacturing, and Energy systems are offered by the faculty. The research fields of Composite materials, heat exchangers, combustion technology, and advanced manufacturing techniques are some activities followed by the faculty. The center of high-performance computing provides services for cutting-edge numerical simulations. The faculty supports not only the students through welfare and advisory programs, but also made a network among the graduates to help circulate the job and skill learning opportunities. The faculty is honorable to have 6 members falling in the 2% most-cited scientists of the world (2019-2021) and 3 members among the most-cited Islamic World Science Citation (ISC) Database (2019-2021).


International students

The faculty is proud of earlier successful experiences to supervise international postgraduate students from Arabic countries. Now, the head of the faculty warmly hails the international students, especially Iraqis from September 2022.



Head of the FAculty

Dr. Ali Ghorbanpour Arani


Tel: ( 98)3155913400
Fax: ( 98)3155913434
Email: aghorban@kashanu.ac.ir
Website: http://aghorban.kashanu.ac.ir/



Deputy of Education






Dr. Mehdi Mohammadimehr




مهدی محمدی مهر
Tel: ( 98)3155913432
Fax: ( 98)3155913434
Email: mmohammadimehr@kashanu.ac.ir
Website: https://faculty.kashanu.ac.ir/mmohammadimehr/fa



Deputy of Research






Dr. M Honarpishe




محمد هنرپیشه
Tel: ( 98)3155913404
Fax: ( 98)3155913434
Email: Honapishe@kashanu.ac.ir
Website: https://faculty.kashanu.ac.ir/honarpishe/fa